About Us

"To grow as a community of hope recognizing there is a place for all at Christ's table.'


We want to continuously be growing into a community that offers hope to each other and the world. This hope is that we are loved, accepted, and welcomed by God.

What are our core values?

Christ Centered​

Jesus is the fullness of God and the fullness of right living. Christ is at the center of not just our faith but of how we live. Though we fall short, stumble, and get it wrong, the way of Christ is point we keep coming back to.

Loving Community

You are not alone in this life. At times we feel isolated, but community is not only essential to survive but to living our best lives. The community we are building is one that surrounds us with love not just for the celebrations, but the love that meets us in our desperation as well.

Rooted in Prayer

Prayer is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity. We believe that prayer can provide peace, clarity, and a deeper relationship with God and each other. We can't fully understand what prayer does, but having prayer be a part of our everyday lives and in the decisions we make.

Inclusive Hospitality

Though we are a community, we treat it more like a family that rejoices when the family grows. We welcome people for who they are and what they bring to the table. We aren't looking for uniformity in background, politics, race, gender, sexuality or anything else, but unity around loving God and love others.

Growing into Leaders

Life is a journey and we believe that each new day and experiences changes us. We want that change to be a catalyst for growth in our lives and as we continue in our growth that we would become leaders in life. Not leaders who run out in front of people, but rather leaders who come alongside and lead as a friend.

Obedient Anticipation

We believe that God is on the move and that every day is a chance to experience God in the miraculous and the mundane. We believe that God's movement often happens through people who choose to say "Yes" to God's leading. We are sometimes God's answer to someone's prayer, including our own. Trust God's wisdom that is within you.