We are typically in church for one hour a week. While you can always connect and reconnect with our worship services online, we still have another 167 hours that we have to live and figure out. Where can I turn in the Bible to find comfort? Are there different ways to pray? Does my faith actually speak to issues in the world.

Get connected to different resources

Are you looking for ways to continue to connect and engage in your faith? Check out the different resources we have listed below!

Spiritual Disciplines

We are given opportunities to quiet ourselves and to focus in on what God is doing and saying in our world. Often, we think prayer is the only way to do that and our prayers usually involve us doing all of the talking. There is a whole wide world of ways we can connect with God.

Resources on Spiritual Disciplines
Bible Study

The Bible is a beautiful and complex book. Some people can just flip open the Bible and start reading, but most of us need a little help getting started. Here are some tips, tricks, and resources to keep you engaged while reading the Bible. Whether you are just starting out, looking to go deeper, or want to focus on a particular topic, we have some resources that can help!

Resources for Bible Study

A majority of your life is lived while sleeping, working, being with family, building friends, and just engaging in the world. Often, we have barriers between our faith and others areas. However, our faith can speak to almost every area of our life. From politics to relaxing, there is a thoughtful Christian conversation happening on that topic. Check out the different areas of conversation and different resources we are adding!

Stages of Life

Each week, we gather together to focus on a topic connected to scripture and our faith. Stay connected with what we are talking about each week!