Bible Study Resources

Blue Letter Bible

Though, we have access to loads of bible study videos, the internet provides access to a lot of great printed materials. A great free resource is Blue Letter Bible. It has access to commentaries, word studies, historical contexts, passage comparisons, and much more! Check it out to see what good things they have!

Online Bible Study Videos

If you've ever wanted to study the Bible or find out how our faith can interact with every facet of our lives, click on the image to the left! We believe that the Bible is a gift for every one and we want to help resource you with a tool that connects you to some great resources for people of all ages and all stages of life!

Right Now Media is not a United Methodist resource, but still great materials are found here. Please note that not every thing conveys the thoughts, beliefs, or doctrines of our church! Check out our curated lists of resources we have!

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The Bible Project

The Bible Project is another library of resources. They offer their materials for free, but they do run off of donations. So, always consider giving if this is a resource you frequently use.

Biblical scholarship, quality videos, and engaging content Tim and Jon present high level academics into understandable information and their break down of each book of the bible is a valuable resource to avail yourself of! Check them out by clicking the button below!